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Stiles Shop contest awards winner free Ironwood cut-off saw

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Stiles Shop awarded Ed Hall, from Pioneer Cabinetry in Davison, Mich., a free Ironwood CUT 14.

The contest required participants to register online for a chance to win the Ironwood 14-inch cut-off saw or $4,000 off any other Ironwood machine. Stiles Shop hosted the contest to help publicize its Ironwood machinery line.

Hall’s company, Pioneer Cabinetry, has been a manufacturer of semi-custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry since 1986.

“When woodworking companies hear the name Stiles, many think we only provide large equipment,” said Stephan Waltman, VP of sales & marketing at Stiles Machinery. “Ironwood is a great line geared for smaller shops or high-level hobbyists, and we want to reach out to them.”

Written by cabinettrends

February 27, 2013 at 7:00 am

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