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Florida’s lumber and timber market rapidly expanding

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Florida’s timber and lumber sector is on its way up, largely due to the economic recovery, the reports.

With new increasing demand and constrained global supply, we could see a long-term rebound across the U.S. This is good for Florida’s economy, where timber resources are an important economic driver.
 The rebound is directly tied to the recovery of the U.S. housing market, which is now rising toward pre-housing bust levels for housing starts. The site reports that the latest data from the National Association of Homebuilders shows 2013 housing starts in Florida up 68 percent over 2012.

Other aspects fueling increasing demand are timber exports to China and blossoming bioenergy markets both domestically and globally. Since China’s economy is expanding at a continuous and stable rate, their surge in housing needs has led to a jump in lumber and log imports. Lumber exports from North America to China surged to 3.5 billion board feet since 2006, which means the growing Chinese market could make way for sustained demand. Additionally, the bioenergy market is expanding in the U.S and abroad, and demand is emerging from the South with several mill projects underway.

All in all, Florida’s timber recovery is burgeoning. The state is home to 16 million acres of forestlands, making timber an important economic driver. As the annual economic impact climbs toward the pre-recession height of $18 billion, Florida expects to see a sustained market for its vital resources.


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July 30, 2013 at 7:00 am

Spectacular veneer workmanship wins

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The Grand Prize winner in the 2013 Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge might have all sorts of hidden doors and drawers, but what wasn’t hidden was the masterful craftsmanship and design. Awards were officially announced July 25 at the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas.

Craig Thibodeau’s Art Deco Table with Trompe l’Oeil Interior took the Grand Prize in the annual competition for fine work in veneer. The piece features several doors and drawers cleverly hidden by the eye-popping and vision-bending veneer work.

“We began with Pau Ferro veneer for the exterior layed up in a waterfall pattern flowing down the table sides and bookmatched around the entire table,” says Thibodeau of the piece. “To add interest to the top of the table we added a book-matched panel of quilted maple veneer bordered with Gabon ebony inlay. The use of straight grained Pau Ferro veneer made hiding the primary secret door a bit easier as the dark grain lines hide the door seam.”

Sam Parisette-Herzog of Herzog Veneers, which supplied veneer for the Grand Prize winner, commented, “Please let the folks at Veneer Tech know that we greatly appreciate them for their sponsorship and all the hard work it takes to do a Challenge like this. They have consistently supported the creators, the suppliers and the sales people in the veneer industries for what is a love of a fine natural material. When it comes to beautiful wood and beautiful workmanship, they have continually led the way.”

Cabinetry afloat

Jarrett Bay Boatworks captured the cabinetry crown with a yacht interior all done in high gloss cherry veneer. “Just like our boats, wood veneer’s seamless rich look is timeless and helps our boats to hold their value,” says Randy Ramsey, president, Jarrett Bay Boatworks. “The added bonus of repairability, given the rough course some of our vessels can take, allow our craftsmen to ensure our boats maintain their distinguished style for the generations that may come to use them.”

One of the unique features of the Veneer Tech Craftsman’s Challenge is that it not only awards the woodworkers, but it also gives prices to the veneer suppliers, even when they are competitors with Veneer Tech.

Winning wine cellar

Darryl Hogeback of Savante Wine Cellars took home the top price in Architectural Millwork with a beautiful wine cellar project. “The goal of this project was to create a wine room that would resemble a small quant wine store/wine bar you might find strolling down the promenade of an Italian village,” Hogeback says. He accomplished that with the columns of the white oak racking and walnut hutch in burl white oak veneer with a shellac finish to pop the color contrast and burl. The hutch includes walnut burl veneer accents on the drawer fronts and upper front raised panels.

More tricks of the eye

Top furniture honors went to another piece feature ample use of veneer trompe l’oeil effects. The round table by Michael McDunn of Greenville, S.C., features amboyna burl, ebony, satinwood and holly veneers.

1308CMFvtech2.jpgThis spectacular wine room project was done by Darryl Hogeback of Savante Wine Cellars, Denver, Colo. The White Oak racking, which is mirrored on the left and right of the hutch, includes horizontal racking with dowel rods for bottle supports, steam bent curved corners, laser in numbers under bottle necks and at each diamond bin for collection management and custom veneer columns.

“My goal in designing and building this table was to satisfy my client, who loves art deco and Biedermeier furniture, and to push my design skills to a new level, says McDunn. “This is the most complex piece of furniture that I have executed out of veneer and the opportunity to make a project like this has opened up a whole new thought process as far as making three-dimensional designs executed in veneer.”

Student honored

One of the important categories in the annual contest has always been the student division in an effort to encourage those just starting out in woodworking to consider veneer options. This year’s student winner was a table called “Widowink” done by Matthew Stoltz, a student at the College of the Redwoods in Ft. Bragg, Calif. Done in Gabon and Macassar ebony veneer, the piece could have only been created with veneer, says Stoltz. “Solid wood would have been impossible for a desktop, especially out of ebony.”

Golden specialty winner

The glint of ornate gold leaf highlighted the winner in the Specialty Items category. Titled “Memories of Russia,” the wall-hung curio cabinet was done by Colin Smith of Long Beach, Calif. Marquetry roses add a floral touch to the piece.

A Special Honorable Mention prize was also given to Chuck Sharbaugh for his aviation themed cabinet titled “Up.”

Judges impressed

All three of the expert judges for the contest noted how difficult it was to select winners from among the many qualified entries in each category.

Dale Broholm, who himself designs and makes custom furniture out of his Boston area studio and has taught at the Rhode Island School of Design since 1999, commented, “I was deeply impressed by the overall quality of the submissions to the 2013 Craftsman’s Challenge. The variety, technical mastery of the art of veneering and demonstrated professionalism of the entrants was compelling.”

Tim Fixmer, publisher of CabinetMakerFDM, a co-sponsor of the contest, noted “I have to say that this year’s judging challenge was significant. The quality of the entries was superb. We observed unique, stellar achievements in design, craftsmanship, and technique. The entries represent the very best of our industry, from the students to the time tested pros. In the final analysis, the winners in each category were chosen by only fractions of a point separating them from the majority of the other entrants.”

Thomas Tuck, who graduated from the award-winning wood program Cedar Ridge High School in Hillsborough, N.C., and currently works as product and distribution manager with Casadei-Busellato, discussed how the judges evaluated the work. “Judges’ decisions in the Craftsman’s Challenge are in large part based on the quality of execution, and the greatest optimization of material,” he says. “Technique is important, as is the originality of the workpiece. Really, we look for functional design that is unusual and bends the boundaries, expressing something that hasn’t been done before.”

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July 29, 2013 at 8:49 am

Survey of remodelers shows business conditions continue to increase in second quarter

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The National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s second-quarter Remodeling Business Pulse data show current and future remodeling business conditions continue to rise, as quarter-over-quarter increases are seen in nearly all sub-components measuring remodeling activity. Remodelers are reporting the highest overall rating on overall business conditions at 6.31, up from 5.97 reported during the first quarter. This rating has steadily increased in the six quarters NARI has been tracking thus far.

“This summer, many companies entered the summer with a backlog of jobs, which is something most haven’t seen in the past few years,” says Tom O’Grady, chairman of NARI’s Strategic Planning & Research Committee and president of O’Grady Builders, based in Drexel Hill, Pa. “What’s also positive is that the inquiries and bid requests are still steady, which provides some more market stability for remodelers.”

Growth indicators in the second quarter of 2013 are as follows: • Current business conditions up 5.7 percent since last quarter • Number of inquiries up 4.7 percent since last quarter • Requests for bids up 3.3 percent since last quarter  • Conversion of bids to jobs up 4.6 percent since last quarter • Value of jobs sold is up 5.9 percent since last quarter

This trend is expected to continue, as remodelers predict that three months out, their sales will be nearly as strong, down an expected 1.3 percent from last quarter. The top two reasons for growth continue to be postponement of projects (up 5 percent to 87 percent) and improvement of home prices (up 6 percent to 65 percent), with economic growth as the number three reason at 49 percent (up 7 percent).

“As consumer confidence has increased, so has the confidence of the remodeling community,” O’Grady says. “It appears that everyone has finally settled into this ‘new normal’ economic picture, and more bids are turning into remodeling projects, and at higher price points.”

Visit to view more of the data.

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July 29, 2013 at 7:00 am

2013 Wood Diamond Awards Announced by Cabinet Makers Association

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Winners of the CMA’s 2013 Wood Diamonds were announced today at the AWFS Fair.   In total, 52 awards were given to CMA member shops competing in this annual event, with a number of the winners present to accept their awards from Tracy Yarborough, CMA President. “We’re delighted to recognize these outstanding projects and the people behind them,” said Yarborough. “This peer judged contest awards honors to the best of the best.” Dave Grulke, CMA Executive Director said, “I’m always astonished at the quality and beauty of the projects submitted for Wood Diamond judging. It’s both inspiring and humbling to see these outstanding works from our very talented members.” A listing of the award winners is below, along with links to the CMA website to view a slide show of their entries along with project details.  Please join us in congratulating these members on their unparalleled achievements.
Advertising/Marketing Design First Woodland Legacy, LLC, Lower Burrell, PA Advertising/Marketing Display First Scott Robeson Custom Woodworking, Lander, WY Arch Millwork Design Under $25K First Salon Interiors Inc, S Hackensack, NJ

Arch Millwork Over $25K First Symphony Kitchens Inc, Toronto, ON

Bath Design Under $25K First Woodperfect Custom Cabinetry, Forney, TX

Bath Under $25K First Block & Chisel, Atlanta, GA

Bookcase Face Frame Under $25K First DK Cabinets, Acton, CA

Closet Finish Over $25K First Ipswich Cabinetry, Inc., Ipswich, MA

Closet Under $25K First Block & Chisel, Atlanta, GA

Commercial Project Over $25K First Counterpoint Cabinetry, Inc., Wilmette, IL

Entertainment Center Creative Solution Under $25K First Woodperfect Custom Cabinetry, Forney, TX

Entertainment Center Euro Under $25K First Bob Goeb Custom Cabinet, Wilton, CA

Entertainment Center Face Frame Under $25K First Fine Line Joinery, Grass Valley, CA

Fireplace Design Over $25K First Symphony Kitchens Inc, Toronto, ON

Fireplace Design Under $25K First Premier Builders, Inc, Georgetown, MA

Furniture Under $25K First Block & Chisel, Atlanta, GA

Green Project First Ipswich Cabinetry, Inc., Ipswich, MA

Kitchen Creative Solution Under $25K First Woodperfect Custom Cabinetry, Forney, TX

Kitchen Design Under $25K First Symphony Kitchens Inc, Toronto, ON

Kitchen Euro Over $25K First Dark Horse Woodworks, Atlanta, GA

Kitchen Euro Under $25K First Patzer Woodworking, Mitchell, SD

Kitchen Face Frame Inset Under $25K First Woodland Legacy, LLC, Lower Burrell, PA

Kitchen Face Frame Over $25K First Dark Horse Woodworks, Atlanta, GA

Kitchen Face Frame Under $25K First Scott Robeson Custom Woodworking, Lander, WY

Kitchen Over $25K First Block & Chisel, Atlanta, GA

Library Face Frame Under $25K First Allgyer Fine Custom Cabinetry, Leola, PA

Library Finish Over $25K First Symphony Kitchens Inc, Toronto, ON

Residential Bar Face Frame Under $25K First Allgyer Fine Custom Cabinetry, Leola, PA

Residential Bar Over $25K First Premier Builders, Inc, Georgetown, MA

Showroom Design First Symphony Kitchens Inc, Toronto, ON

Store Fixture Creative Solution Under $25K First Woodperfect Custom Cabinetry, Forney, TX

Wine Cellar Creative Over $25K First Premier Builders, Inc, Georgetown, MA

Wine Cellar Over $25K First Savante Wine Cellars, Denver, CO

Wine Cellar Under $25K First Savante Wine Cellars, Denver, CO

Arch Millwork Over $25K Second J & L Trimworks, LLC, Morrison, CO

Arch Millwork Over $25K Second Ipswich Cabinetry, Inc., Ipswich, MA

Bookcase Face Frame Under $25K Second Rockwell Diversified Woodworks, Sheridan, IN

Commercial Project Over $25K Second Ipswich Cabinetry, Inc., Ipswich, MA

Furniture Under $25K Second Fine Line Joinery, Grass Valley, CA

Kitchen Design Under $25K Second Woodperfect Custom Cabinetry, Forney, TX

Kitchen Euro Over $25K Second Symphony Kitchens Inc, Toronto, ON

Kitchen Euro Under $25K Second Woodland Legacy, LLC, Lower Burrell, PA

Kitchen Euro Under $25K Second The Mills Group, Minesing, ON

Kitchen Euro Under $25K Second Northland Woodworks Inc, Blaine, MN

Kitchen Face Frame Over $25K Second Fine Line Joinery, Grass Valley, CA

Kitchen Face Frame Under $25K Second Scott Robeson Custom Woodworking, Lander, WY

Wine Cellar Over $25K Second Savante Wine Cellars, Denver, CO

Kitchen Design Under $25K Third Woodperfect Custom Cabinetry, Forney, TX

Kitchen Euro Over $25K Third Rivendell Woodworks Inc., Concord, CA Kitchen Face Frame Over $25K Third Allgyer Fine Custom Cabinetry, Leola, PA Kitchen Euro Under $25K HM The Mills Group, Minesing, ON Kitchen Face Frame Over $25K HM Counterpoint Cabinetry, Inc., Wilmette, IL

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July 29, 2013 at 7:00 am

WMI Workshop on circular, band saws planned for Oct. 14-15

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The 25th annual WMI Workshop on Design, Operation and Maintenance of Circular and Band Saws will be offered on Monday and Tuesday, Oct. 14-15 at the Red Lion Hotel Lloyd Center in Portland, Ore.

The session will provide participants with information to increase their company’s profits by maximizing sawing accuracy and the rate of sawing, as well as by reducing kerf losses, downtime and sawing equipment maintenance costs.

Issues to be explored include: economics of sawing variation and online sawing performance control; impact of steel characteristics on cutting saw blade performance; circular and band saw stiffness and stability and computer software for critical speed calculation; advances in saw tensioning and tension evaluation; identifying what can be gained and lost by changing saw design; online measurement and analysis of sawing performance and sawing accuracy; pushing the boundaries of band saw performance; economics of advanced cutting tool materials and troubleshooting procedures; and key maintenance criteria impacting sawing equipment positioning, feeding and scanning accuracy.

A special session on safety and ergonomic issues in wood processing and a review of causes of accidents and how they can be avoided will also be held.

Workshop faculty are lecturers from the U.S., Canada and Germany. The workshop will combine lectures, video presentations and demonstrations of computer software. For more information, contact Ryszard (Richard) Szymani at 925.943.5240, or

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July 25, 2013 at 7:00 am

Leedo Cabinetry announces $100 million backlog of orders

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Leedo Cabinetry has built a $100 million book of committed customer orders for its multifamily cabinetry, thanks to manufacturing investments, the introduction of a new product line, and an increased sales and installation presence.

Leedo’s record sales in 2012 have continued throughout the first half of 2013, starting the third uarter with an order backlog of more than $100 million.

According to president Ken Hirshman: “While others retreated during the economic downturn, Leedo was investing heavily in our capabilities. We focused on improving the quality of our framed products from our East Bernard manufacturing facility, including significant capital expenditures in our finishing systems and processes. We opened a new facility in El Campo dedicated to manufacturing our frameless line of cabinets, which were designed to target high-growth urban centers. Most importantly, we made significant investments in our installation services division and greatly expanded our commercial representation around the country.”

Company chairman, George Hagle, pledged ongoing improvements to Leedo’s product and service offerings in order to continue growth. “We have successfully increased our market share in the past 18 months, and we will continue to drive performance in our processes, products and personnel. We are constantly focused on making the customer successful: with new stylish products, improved service platforms and increased staffing,” he said.

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Bassett Furniture Industries announces raise in quarterly dividend

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Bassett Furniture Industries Inc. announced today that its board of directors has increased the regular quarterly dividend by 20 percent, declaring a dividend of $.06 per share of outstanding common stock payable on Aug. 30 to shareholders of record at the close of business Aug. 15.

The furniture manufacturer says its most significant growth opportunity continues to be its retail store program, which includes custom-built furniture that is ready for delivery in the home within 30 days. For more information, visit the company’s website at

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