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Eumabois covers future trends in woodworking technology

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Future trends in woodworking technology and accessories were recently covered at the annual assembly of Eumabois, the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers, held in Verona, Italy.

The event was hosted by Acimall, the Confindustria member association that gathers the Italian manufacturers of wood processing machinery and accessories. In attendance were 11 countries, represented by their respective national association, and AIMSAD, the Turkish association of woodworking technology, components and semifinished materials, whose companies recently joined.

President Ambrogio Delachi presented an analysis of the current market situation, characterized by uncertainty and instability, as shown by recent political tension in Russia and Brazil. To overcome this period, the president said, we need to “introduce merging and partnership processes both in manufacturing and in sales, so as to empower the organization and be able to face challenges that will inevitably increase.”

One initiative is to restore the Exhibitions Committee, a working group made up of the representatives of major European manufacturers of woodworking technology that aims to identify a shared and rational exhibition calendar.

Delachi reported a decision to create a working group within the Eumabois Board, made up of Vice President Juergen Koppel, the Swiss representative Erich Zeller and Carlo Alberto Strada, who will take the role of Eumabois activity coordinator starting from January 2015. This group will be in charge of the definition of new evaluation criteria for exhibitions supported by the Federation. Their mission will be aimed at increasing the credibility and value of exhibitions within the Eumabois network towards their target audience.

The agenda also included a discussion of technical/standard topics. Eumabois is financing the management of technical committees in charge for the definition of safety standards for woodworking machinery in Europe and worldwide.

Additionally, to promote “made in Europe,” the Federation secretariat will collect advice and suggestions from stakeholders to define a marketing plan by 2015.

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December 16, 2014 at 7:00 am

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