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Logicdata is new name for height control supplier

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In a move designed to simplify its branding, office and home furniture industries supplier UnitedLogic Inc. has announced the transition to its new name of Logicdata North America Inc.

“Our expertise is the development of intelligent electronics and mechatronics as well as ambitious embedded software”, shared Steve Jones, president. “After three years of building the North American branch of Logicdata, we felt the time was right to make a change to more clearly reflect and amplify the excellence of our parent company.”

The name change was effective on February 01, 2015. For more information, please contact Mario Neuhold, at

, or visit the company’s web site at


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March 31, 2015 at 7:00 am

IWPA issues statement regarding deconstructive testing

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The International Wood Products Association (IWPA) has joined with the Federal Wood Industries Coalition (FWIC) in a statement on the use of the controversial practice of deconstructive testing. FWIC is comprised of industry associations representing manufacturers of panels, furniture, cabinets, finished goods, and resins.

Following a CBS News 60 Minutes segment on formaldehyde levels in flooring, the use of deconstructive testing has been questioned. IWPA also joined the American Home Furnishings Alliance and the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association in developing an FAQ on deconstructive testing, which can be found here:

Here’s the statement:

A number of questions have arisen regarding formaldehyde testing that has been done on finished goods and particularly laminated flooring. The California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) formaldehyde regulation and the EPA regulations that are to go into effect in the future regulate the panel substrates that are used as component parts of finished goods (e.g. furniture, cabinets, flooring) and require manufacturers of these finished goods to use composite wood panels complying with CARB’s strict requirements.

The regulation also includes a third party certification program for composite wood panel producers to validate their compliance. We support these regulations and encourage their strict enforcement.

Most finished goods have laminates, coatings or finishes that further reduce the emission of residual formaldehyde in common use. The regulations do not consider these effects – they only regulate the unfinished panel substrates.

Some laminated flooring recently has been the subject of “deconstructive testing” — the mechanical removal of the outer laminates and finishes by planers or sanders to expose the substrate. This type of testing is not required by CARB to demonstrate compliance. CARB has used this approach as a “rough” screening method, but the procedure is not part of the regulation nor has it been adopted by ASTM or other consensus standards bodies. The deconstructive method is “rough” because the process can fundamentally change the emission properties of the panel substrate. It should only be used by professionals who understand its use and limitations.

CARB now has under consideration a proposal that would test laminated panels without removing the laminate, using well-established and vetted test methods. We support the use of this technique.

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March 31, 2015 at 7:00 am

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CutList Plus introduces Android app

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Bridgewood Design LLC, developers of CutList Plus optimizing software for woodworkers, carpenters, and professional contractors, has announced the release of its free Android companion app.  The Android viewer app, along with the company’s iOS apps, allows professional and hobby users to view their cutting diagrams and shopping lists on handheld devices, making CutList Plus even more convenient and time-saving.

Users can transfer optimized cutting diagrams, parts and bill of materials created on the CutList Plus desktop software to the apps via Drop Box or email. Via the viewer apps, diagrams are portable and accessible while in the workshop or at the lumber dealer. Checkboxes allow users to keep track of parts cut and materials purchased.

“Our professional users have been asking for an Android app,” said Todd Peterson, founder, Bridgewood Design. “We’re thrilled to answer that request and make it even easier for contractors, cabinetmakers and tradesmen to access plans on the go.”

All versions of CutList Plus for Windows PC, including a free trial, are available for instant download at  The free companion apps are available on the App Store and Google Play.  (Users must purchase the desktop software in order to use the free mobile apps.)

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March 31, 2015 at 7:00 am

World countertop demand to increase

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Global demand for countertops is forecast to rise 4.2 percent per year to 503 million square meters in 2018.  Demand for countertops will benefit from improved building construction activity throughout much of the world.  Gains will also stem from continued efforts to expand and modernize the building stock in developing areas that are constructing large numbers of housing units and nonresidential structures to accommodate the needs of their growing populations.

These and other trends are presented in World Countertops, a new study from The Freedonia Group, Inc., a Cleveland-based industry market research firm.

In 2013, laminates accounted for nearly half of all countertop surfaces in the U.S.  By contrast, in China, laminates accounted for only two percent of countertop surfaces.  According to analyst Pam Safarek, “In China, solid surface materials accounted for more than 40 percent of countertop demand in 2013, due to a very competitive regional production base which keeps prices low.”

The Asia/Pacific region was the largest market for countertops in 2013, with 47 percent of the global total. Through 2018, the Asia/Pacific region is expected to achieve the fastest gains in countertop sales, with growth driven primarily by trends in China, where demand will be boosted by rising standards of living and continued projects aimed at modernizing housing and nonresidential building stock.

In 2013, North America was the second largest regional market for countertops.  Gains in the region will be supported by the continued recovery in U.S. building construction and, in particular, growth in single-family housing completions, which will further benefit from ongoing consumer preference for spacious kitchens and multiple bathrooms that require more countertop area.

World Countertops (published 02/2015, 430 pages) is available for $6300 from The Freedonia Group Inc.  For further details or to arrange an interview with the analyst, please contact Corinne Gangloff by phone 440.684.9600 or e-mail Information may also be obtained through

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New staff at Vecoplan

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Greg Shaffer has been named service manager at Vecoplan LLC, a worldwide shredding, recycling and waste processing company. Working with the company’s internal team of service technicians, Shaffer will devise and implement systematic procedures and programs to maximize service quality and efficiency. In addition, Shaffer will oversee Vecoplan’s network of certified service personnel throughout North America.

Prior to his promotion, Shaffer was a Senior Service Technician at Vecoplan. A licensed mechanic and electrician, Shaffer brings 31 years of technical experience, primarily with industrial controls, to his new position at Vecoplan.

According to Bill Davison, vice president of operations at Vecoplan, “We are fortunate to have someone with Greg’s experience and background already in place to head-up our service team. His hands-on experience in the field combined with the decision making ability that comes from having ran his own company give him the perfect skill-set to meet the needs of our customers.”

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March 31, 2015 at 7:00 am

Lone designer makes furniture in less than five minutes

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When it comes to handmade furniture, speed seems to the enemy of craftsmanship, design journal PSFK reports. But designer Jenny Nordberg wanted to test this principle with her latest collection in a series, ‘3 to 5 minutes – Rapid handmade furniture.’

Nordberg decided to test her skills as a designer, by creating quality pieces at the speed of mass production factories. Nordberg created two armchairs, a trolley and a dining table with four chairs all in under an hour, using materials that can be found at most hardware stores. The designer timed each step in the making process to ensure that every piece was made within three to five minutes.

Turning herself into a one-person assembly line, Nordberg used pre-cut wood, clay that did not require firing, linseed oil and lacquer. The resulting pieces, which were recently shown at Stockholm Furniture Fair, have a purposeful unfinished look that, is in part, inevitable because of the time restraints. ‘The design, materials and details are all the result of the lack of time,’ reads the project page. “The coating does not cover the whole surface, details are few and imperfect, assembly screws are visible and the design is restrained.”

But these restrictions do not take away from the artistic quality of the works. Indeed, Nordberg found that the time restraints pushed her skills and forced her to make design decisions she would not have made had she had more time. For instance, using the quick-drying ceramic clay to protect the sharp corners of the wood, when otherwise might have sanded them.

Like her previous project, ‘3 to 5 Seconds – Rapid handmade production’, where she made tableware in a short space of time, this collection interrogates the meaning behind handmade goods—is it the time it takes to make the product the thing that makes it more valuable? Or can quickly created pieces have equal value?

See the full story, along with pictures, here:

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March 30, 2015 at 7:00 am

Investment company acquires cabinet shop

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Toronto-based Lynx Equity Limited is pleased to announce the acquisition of Kitchen Creations Inc., a manufacturer, designer, and installer of kitchen and bath cabinetry.

“We were immediately attracted to the Kitchen Creations’ consistent historical earnings, strong best practices, and dominant market share,” noted Julia Chasson, Lynx vice president. In addition, Lynx is thrilled that the current owner will stay on for the foreseeable future ensuring a smooth transition for all clients, employees and suppliers alike.

This acquisition brings Lynx’s expanding portfolio to 41 diversified companies across North America. In 2014, it was awarded 46th place on PROFIT Magazine’s Fastest-Growing Companies in Canada with a 5-year growth rate of 1339%. Lynx continues to pursue acquisitions of small and medium-sized businesses throughout Canada and the U.S. from owners looking to retire.

See the full release from Business wire here:


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