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European woodworking growth driven by North America

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The event was hosted by Symop, the association of French manufacturers of instrumental technology. Twelve countries participated (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Switzerland and Turkey). Portugal, Russia and Slovakia were absent.

President Ambrogio Delachi opened the meeting by addressing the current market situation. “According to the statistics by Acimall’s studies office, which will be published in the Eumabois industry report, European production of woodworking machinery and tools increased by 9.6 percent in 2014. This adds to the impression that partial 2015 figures are even more encouraging and that the light at the end of the crisis tunnel is finally approaching. The happiest news comes from North American markets, which are literally pulling the export of European technology. Also partial results in South America are good, while Australia can be definitely considered a significant output market for our industry.”

Delachi pointed out that it wasn’t all positive, however. “The international scenario still offers several doubts and question marks. First of all in Russia, traditionally a big consumer of European equipment, great difficulties endure, and companies who rely on this big country are confronted with serious problems on how to continue their normal industrial activity.”

He also said that China’s issues will affect us all.

“Recently, signals from China have also been all but positive; the Yuan devaluation has caused uncertainty on the markets, as this is a structural measure that, in view of the importance of China, will have long-term macroeconomic effects in all industries, including machinery and plants where we are in the forefront.”


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