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Interior design students create educational furniture

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Four interior design students created, developed and tested their own educational furniture creations this semester at South Dakota State University (SDSU). The furniture pieces were inspired to engage young preschoolers in the classroom through a philosophical way of learning, while collaborating with a national children’s furniture manufacturer in order to see through their entire product materialization and all the stages of manufacturing their ideas.

The two stool models prototyped by the students; the first being Simple Intrigue designed by senior interior design majors Maria Swanson and Abby Dyk and the second being Rick Normality designed by junior interior design majors Grey Waletich and Vanny Cahyadi, were the main focus in a junior design class in order to make their own creation through a real-world product with industry demand.

“We have a solid void portion of [the stool] to understand what it’s like to be in it rather than on it, and also so teachers can use it as well with their proportions,” Swanson explained. “[The design is] based upon your research and what you observed in the classroom, then it was up to you… to make educated decisions.”

The stool serves as a multipurpose tool for kids to sit on and play on when classwork is not being done. The stool includes storage bins as well.

“On the inside of the storage bin, we have different acrylic pieces that play with reflection, colors and shapes, and that helps them with different aspects [of their education],” Dyk said. “It worked for teachers, as well, so it [or a similar version] could be used for teenagers or other age groups.”

See pictures, along with the full story from SDSU’s The Collegian here:


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October 6, 2015 at 7:00 am

European furniture expo showcases “petite” designer furniture

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Work from more than 30 Danish furniture designers is on display at the Øregaard Museum in Copenhagen, as part of the 2015 Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition.

This year’s exhibition theme is “petite”, and designers were tasked with creating self-supporting furniture design that wouldn’t exceed a maximum size of 60 by 60 centimeters.

“Petite means small in a graceful way,” the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition organization said in a statement. “Elegant in a classic sense and, best of all, sophisticated detailing. A cornucopia of possibilities, if you ask the designers and manufacturers.”

“This year, the furniture is small, but the creative ideas are as big as ever – some even set new agendas in an attempt to push our technology-infused everyday life in a healthier direction.”

The exhibition will remain at Øregaard Museum until October 18, before traveling to Maison du Danemark in Paris.

See images here:

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September 22, 2015 at 7:00 am

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Pollaro to showcase furniture at Monaco Yacht Show

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Custom furniture from Pollaro.

Items on display will include contemporary furniture designed by Brad Pitt.

Pollaro, a furniture design firm based in New Jersey, will be attending the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show in Monte Carlo from September 23-26.  The company will display its own yacht furniture, classic furniture from designers Ruhlmann, J-M Frank, Rateau, and Lafon, and contemporary furniture designed by Brad Pitt.

During the show, Pollaro will also unveil the famous Fibonacci piano. The company was commissioned by Steinway & Sons to design and build the art case of the Fibonacci. The piano will be featured aboard a private yacht at the show, where it will be played by a Steinway artist daily during the sunset hours.

Check out the company’s stand at QP62 in the Parvis Piscine tent.

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September 21, 2015 at 4:47 pm

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Startup offers easy-to-assemble furniture via FedEx and UPS

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Campaign, a startup from San Francisco, has invented easy-to-assemble furniture that can be shipped FedEx and UPS.

Brad Sewell—formerly a design and manufacturing engineer at Apple—thinks we’re buying furniture all wrong. The problems, as Sewell told progressive media outlet Co.Design, lie in high shipping costs, lengthy shipping time, and crappy materials that won’t hold up over the years. His company Campaign, which launched this week, seeks to upend the way we think about our furniture.

The company’s name derives from a style of furniture from the 1800s that could break down and assemble quickly. Today, that just makes sense considering how often everyone moves. No one wants to be saddled with a sofa or armchair that can’t negotiate a tight stairwell. Campaign’s arm chair is made up of about a dozen components that are assemble in less than two minutes with no tools—not even a screwdriver. The powder-coated, laser-cut steel frame slides together and screwing in the wood legs joins the arms, back, and frame. Pop the webbing tray in, place the cushions on top, and you’ve got yourself a place to sit. Here’s a time lapse showing it in action.

Sewell demoed the arm chair at Fast Company’s offices and I can personally attest that it does assemble quickly and is comfortable. The seat cushion is made from foam for support and the back pillow is stuffed with down for comfort. The arms are finished with a technique inspired by the automotive industry; just like the ceiling of a car interior is rigid, but has a little give thanks to a thin foam layer between the frame and upholstery, so do the arms. Plus, the slipcovers are changeable. The piece is manufactured in Campaign’s Emeryville, California, factory.

While flat-pack furniture certainly isn’t new, Campaign has an edge since all of the boxes can be shipped standard FedEx or UPS and fit into a typical car trunk. Imagine moving without a U-Haul or pricey professionals. The armchair is $495, the loveseat is $745, and three-seat sofa is $995—just over Ikea’s rates and just under CB2 and West Elm. Shipping is included in Campaign’s sticker price, whereas that’s usually at least $100 more for other brands.

Previously, Hooker Furniture has offered both RTA chairs and sofas on their Homeware website ( Art Raymond was a member of the team that developed this product line. He spoke about the Hooker chair and the use of 3D printing in developing the RTA fasteners that are used for quick assembly at the Executive Briefing Conference in 2014. Go to, click on Chairs, scroll down to the Rizzo Chair page, and click on the two video icons to view the assembly/disassembly.

See the full Campaign story here:

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September 10, 2015 at 7:00 am

Stone-like material allows furniture to be created in new way

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HI-MACS, a new material from European group LG Hausys, allows furniture to appear as naturally formed stone.

Dutch studio OS ∆ OOS has used the material in its latest furniture collection, Arc: a bench and stool set. The collection comprises various interchangeable surfaces that result in different designs, producing an effect reminiscent of granite.

“Naturally formed stone is not malleable, so the only way to form a shape is by taking parts of it away. HI-MACS makes it possible to achieve the same visual result, with the same properties, but created in a different way, which helps achieve the desired result,” explained the furniture designers. Thanks to its thermoformable properties, the acrylic stone makes it possible to bend the material when warm, in order to get curved shapes, providing the ability to create structures that would not be possible with natural stone.”

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September 3, 2015 at 7:00 am

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Kindel Furniture acquires competitor, moves production

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Kindel Furniture Co. of Grand Rapids, Michigan announced it has acquired the intellectual property of Councill Co. LLC, a residential and office furniture maker based in Denton, North Carolina.

The purchase includes all case goods and a “vast majority’ of Councill’s upholstery products, according to a news release. The announcement said that the Councill product line is an ideal complement to Kindel’s offerings.

Kindel said it will transition production from Denton to its Wyoming – a city in Michigan – production facility.

See the full story here:

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July 27, 2015 at 7:00 am

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Artist designs transforming Wave Cabinet

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Precise woodworking and slats of birch allow for unique, paper fan-like storage.

Recently featured in Co.Design and in other design publications, artist Sebastian Errazuriz’s Wave cabinet is made up of hundreds of birch pieces that are joined at their edges with just the right amount of flexibility, like the apex of a paper fan. When you pull one piece upward, it gives way but pulls its neighbors with it, like a long, slow game of dominoes. The visual effect is magical.

Check out a video here.

Errazuriz makes “functional sculptures” that often fall more on the sculpture side of function. But he also builds furniture—in his own words, he’s “inviting people to look at one of the simplest forms of furniture design and to forget that we’re talking about furniture”—and over the past few months, he’s been uploading videos of his creations to Vimeo.

See more of his designs here:

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July 2, 2015 at 7:00 am

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