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AyA Kitchens expands showroom with award winning kitchen

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The award winning IDS14 Avani + Hariri Pontarini kitchen.

The IDS14 Avani + Hariri Pontarini kitchen is now on display at AyA Kitchens’ showroom in Mississagua, Ontario. The sleek, tall, dramatic and award- winning kitchen has been slightly modified to fit the space.

Check out more pictures on AyA Kitchens’ Instagram.


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November 9, 2015 at 7:00 am

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CabinetDIY reveals the latest trends in kitchen cabinet design

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As a leading RTA Cabinets wholesaler, CabinetDIY has revealed the latest trends in kitchen and bathroom design and remodeling with the help of their experienced designers.

White kitchen cabinets have been very popular in the past several seasons. They are flying off the shelves like hotcakes, and being used in many kitchen and bath design projects.

However, gray kitchen cabinets are starting to become one of the trendiest must-haves this season. They’re sophisticated, neutral and embrace a great deal of different color tones.

  • Try mixing gray cabinets with a white kitchen island. It can also bring out the crispness of the white cabinets.
  • Mixing and matching different shades of gray kitchen cabinets can also be an intriguing choice.

Bulky sinks are also in. Whether it is a farm sink, apron sink, or industrial sized extra large sink. These sinks are on every housewife’s favorites list.

  • Use a full depth wall cabinet as the sink base for the apron sink and add a wall filler to adjust with the depth of the apron sink. Then, place a toe kick under the wall cabinet to match the rest of the base cabinets.  This easy technique makes an apron sink base out of RTA (ready to assemble) kitchen cabinets. No need to pay big money for a custom apron sink base when you can build one out of RTA cabinets without breaking the bank.

Modern European style cabinets are also coming strong this season. Their frame-less design with clean lines and sharp popping color, mixed with a metallic and glossy finish all scream modern kitchen design.

  • When choosing this style of cabinet, make sure to select modern RTA kitchen cabinets with a plywood body box to ensure the durability of the kitchen cabinets and everlasting modern style.

The full story:

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March 3, 2015 at 7:00 am

Adelphi Kitchens & Cabinetry updates Ridgewood shaker cabinets

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Adelphi Kitchens and Cabinetry’s Ridgewood Shaker style offers a fresh and modern look. The white finish around the perimeter is complemented with a white granite countertop in the island, while the darker wood of the island pairs well with the black countertops throughout the rest of the kitchen. Having crown molding run around the top of the cabinets can heighten the room and create a more open environment.

Glass paneling was added to four of the cabinets for visibility into the homeowner’s creative display of glassware. Many compartments are outfitted in the center island for optimal storage. The custom countertop was designed at different heights to accommodate “his and her” comfort while working in the kitchen. The over-sized granite island counter makes the perfect breakfast bar with built-in seating storage underneath.

Adelphi’s Ridgewood Shaker drawers and doors are available in an array of colors, finishes and woods to meet unique design styles and functions. From inspiration to installation, Adelphi’s fine custom cabinetry offers endless design possibilities. Visit to access photo galleries and information.

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December 18, 2014 at 7:00 am

Cabinet design trends shifting toward neutral grays and earthy tones

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Consumers today are looking to the color gray, which has become increasingly popular for kitchens and bathrooms over the last three years, according to

Actually, warm gray cabinet finishes have become the third most popular remodeling colors just behind white and beige. Cabinetry today has evolved new trending standards, with shades of gray paired with pale blues, earthy tones and neutral finishes for homey, warm color schemes all throughout the biggest rooms in the house.

The Huffington Post reports several ways to create a sophisticated kitchen or bath using today’s most popular neutrals.


Cabinet door styles of today are marked for their simpler, subtler lines and softer edging. A flat-panel door with a wide rail offers aesthetic beauty as well as utility. Kitchen and bath design expert Andy Wells said in the Huffington Post that he likes to complement this type of cabinet style with an on-trend neutral finish such as Cloud, which he describes as a true gray that highlights its sleek lines without stealing too much attention from the rest of the room.

Darker, richer woods

Today’s cabinet preferences are changing to incorporate more medium- and dark-colored wood grains. Two of the most popular wood choices are maple and cherry. Wells says he loves the look of these darker woods for bringing out the rich gray and brown tones being used in today’s kitchens and baths.


Blue tones have been trending with both designers and homeowners in recent years. Wells told the Huffington Post that cool blues are an especially soothing option for a bathroom, and that they work well with today’s neutral color palette. He uses pale, spa blues and muted colors of the sky and water to complement bathroom cabinets that have a raw wood finish. He says this can create a very comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in a bath.

Transitional and modern

What’s trending out there right now are transitional and modern looks, which can be found in everyday cabinetry and room designs for every homeowner’s budget. Wells says the idea is to create spaces that blend different styles together. To get this look, he says to use deep rich gray or brown cabinetry in one room and a medium-to-lighter version of it in an adjacent room to create a smooth room-to-room transition.

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Armstrong Cabinet Products debuts more than 380 new cabinet styles, accessories

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Armstrong Cabinet Products, a brand of ACProducts Inc., is debuting more than 380 new cabinet styles and accessories to offer more decorative and functional cabinet options. The new cabinet options include a low-VOC-emitting Maple veneer door style, installed accessories and door styles in a new wood species: Rustic Alder.

Three new Alder door styles, Shaker, Arch and Raised Panel, with two drawer options are offered to bring a rustic, textured look to the kitchen with random knots in the designs. Stains and glazes are offered in 11 different options.

Armstrong Cabinets also offers eco-friendly, low-VOC emitting materials to provide added options when building or remodeling a home or buying cabinetry. Offerings include Origins Premier No Added Urea Formaldehyde particle board construction and Novara, a new Maple veneer door style with five stain options that utilizes a PureBond urea-formaldehyde free, soy-based adhesive.

In addition, the company offers 35 new decorative molding SKUs, medallions, valances, posts and legs, as well as 94 columns. The complete range of new offerings can be viewed at

“Aesthetics, function and cost are primary concerns when designing a kitchen, and our goal is to present different options so customers can make individual choices with confidence,” said Louis Nemeth, manager, ACPI product management.

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May 24, 2013 at 7:00 am

Plain & Fancy launches Urban Twist kitchen cabinetry line

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Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry launched a new Urban Twist kitchen cabinetry line, which combines European style with functionality.

The customizable line includes soft-close, stainless steel drawers with compartmentalized storage. The Urban Twist kitchen also includes an island, which features an antimicrobial white Silestone Quartz countertop on Plain & Fancy cabinetry faced with Oyster Bay laminate. The island sits on a rubbed-bronze base frame by Element Design. Plain & Fancy offers 120 foil finishes for the cabinetry, along with polished chrome hardware and other design options.

“I was inspired by European kitchen aesthetics and Japanese storage principles,” says kitchen designer Marsha Cates, who created the Urban Twist for Plain & Fancy. “Outside, it’s modern, sleek, and highly ergonomic; inside, it’s neat and logical, with a place for everything.”

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May 23, 2013 at 7:00 am

Custom cabinet company offers custom color matching in emerald tones

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Plain & Fancy offers custom color matching in emerald shades for a variety of applications.

Plain & Fancy offers custom color matching in emerald shades for a variety of applications.

Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry has announced that it now offers clients the jewel-tone paint finish, emerald, which was announced as “Color of the Year 2013” by Pantone.

The custom cabinetry company can match custom match enamel paint to a color of the customer’s choice, delivering any shade of emerald the customer specifies. Plain & Fancy can also create an entire kitchen, bath, library or other room in the desired shade of emerald.

Customers work with the company’s technicians and color library to begin the matching process by selecting an existing base resin that is closest to the desired shade. Using bench-top mixers, the base resin is blended with high-concentrate pigment tints, which are measured out in 0.01-gram increments until the correct color is achieved. The resulting paint is then hand-applied to a pair of sample doors (one for the customer and one for the company’s library) using the same two-stage technique used on the production floor: First, a catalyst is added to help cure the finish; then, heat is applied to create a hard, durable surface. Once the customer has approved the match, full-scale production begins. Learn more about this process at

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