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DesignBites debuts at KBIS 2016

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The Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is taking a bite out of innovative design with the unveiling of its new DesignBites program. In the program, participating exhibiting companies will conduct three-minute presentations, followed by two-minute Q&A sessions, at 2016’s KBIS.

“DesignBites is a fun way for exhibitors – big or small – to “speed date” with attendees about their most innovative products” said Brian Pagel, VP Kitchen and Bath Group, Emerald Expositions. “The format pushes our exhibitors to transform cliché power point presentations into something truly memorable. Exhibitors can tell the product story and highlight what’s cool and unique; information that media and attendees may not get by walking by the product in a booth.”

The presentations will take place during the lunch hour on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 19 and 20, 2016. A total of 14 presentations will be selected, seven per day. On January 19, the Design Bites presentations will highlight new kitchen products, with bath products featured the next day. KBIS exhibitors must apply here for the opportunity to bring their story to the stage in a 3-minute presentation, followed by a two-minute Q & A from the media. The deadline to apply is October 15.


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Adelphi defines large space by contrasting colors, cabinets

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Adelphi Kitchens and Cabinetry paired two complementary styles, Legacy 1 and Cambridge, in contrasting tones to give one large space an open, contemporary feel.

Along the perimeter of the room is Adelphi’s Legacy 1-style cabinetry with an Elite framing bead. The Legacy 1 cabinets are finished in a soft Snowcap white, complementing the brighter hues of white used on the walls, drum-shaped overhead lamps, and accents throughout the room.

Cambridge-style cabinetry is used for the island and hood. Both are finished in a full cover of black over French-cut distressed wood, which draws the eye to key focal points in the room. The island, complete with a sink and ample storage, also has an adjoining breakfast counter with enough space to seat a family. The high cabinetry maximizes storage, eliminates dead space and adds visual appeal.

White granite countertops with flecks of black fuse the color scheme together within in the kitchen area. The contrast of the white and dark hues of the cabinetry helps to define individual functional areas, such as dining, food preparation and cooking areas in the kitchen.  The warm cinnamon-colored hardwood flooring provides the continuity unify the entire communal living space of the kitchen, dining and living room areas.

See images at

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Nine timeless kitchen trends

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As in any other design industry, trends come and go. Home improvement site HouseLogic gathers nine design ideas that can stand the test of time.

On top of the list is the white kitchen, which acts as a canvas for homeowners to customize and occasionally switch up their kitchens. Moreover, the crisp, light-rich ambience a white kitchen gives is perfect for contemporary and transitional styles that are the rage today.

Another timeless trend is accessibility. HouseLogic suggests side-opening ovens that are counter-height.

See the full list here.

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AIA’s home design survey reveals latest trends

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Survey shows changes from 2013 to 2014

Kitchens have solidified their standing as the center of operations within the home.  Residential architects report very healthy business conditions at their firms. Energy efficiency, water conservation, and healthy home concerns are prevalent in the homeowner product choices in kitchens and baths. Likewise, accessibility considerations are often reflected in the planning for these areas of the home. These are among the major findings from the AIA’s Home Design Trends Survey for the fourth quarter of 2014, which focused on kitchen and bath design trends.
“The major point of emphasis in kitchen design nowadays revolves less around actual cooking activities,” said AIA Chief Economist Kermit Baker, PhD, Hon. AIA.  ”Rather, homeowners are looking for kitchens that are gathering spots for family and entertaining, as well as serving as a hub for electronic devices and recharging stations.”


Popular kitchen products and features*    



LED lighting:



Computer area / recharging stations:



Larger pantry space:



Upper-end appliances:



Double Island



Adaptability / universal design:



Drinking water filtration systems:






Popular bathroom products and features*



LED lighting



Doorless showers



Adaptability/universal design



Large walk-in showers



Stall shower without tub



Water saving toilets



Radiant heated floors



* Index score computed as percent of respondents reporting increasing minus those reporting decreasing popularity
To see the survey’s full results, visit

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Hettich takes a look inside 100 kitchens

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One hundred kitchen users from Germany, Spain, Sweden and Turkey have taken part in a comprehensive survey from Hettich regarding their kitchens. Besides general information like age, size and outfit, the focus was on specifics, such as how storage space is used and what the respondents would like to see in a kitchen.

The results:

On average, kitchens are 13.5 sq. meters in size with the L-shape as the most popular layout. Generally speaking, kitchens consist of four wall units and five base units as well as a tall unit. Kitchens on average have nine drawers/pullouts as well as seven hinged doors. Runners and hinges, known as fittings, ranked very high in importance.

Today, 35 percent of provisions and stored items are kept in drawers/pullouts. 90 percent said that drawers/pullouts are the preferred storage space solution in base units. For wall units, 65 percent of respondents favor doors. 20 percent stated that sliding doors are the preferred choice for wall units. Significant potential is evident here.

When asked to say what they liked in particular about drawers, hinges, sliding doors, respondents mainly quoted practical criteria. In the case of the drawer, “plenty of space”, “stability”, “easy to open”, and, for the hinge, “stability” and “functionality” were common comments. With sliding doors, great importance was given not only to the practical benefits but also to the space saved on opening them, and also to looks.

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Houzz Survey Finds Kitchens Outlast Most Marriages

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The 2014 U.S. Houzz Kitchen Remodeling Survey revealed trends among 3,571 homeowners who recently completed, are planning or are in the midst of a kitchen remodel. Twenty-five percent were remodeling kitchens that are more than 30 years old, and another 41 percent were updating kitchens from 16 to 30 years old. That’s two to four times longer than the median U.S. marriage (8 years according to the U.S. Census Bureau) and duration of car ownership (nearly 6 years according to Kelly Blue Book).

“We already know that kitchens are the biggest driver of discretionary spending in the remodeling market,” said Nino Sitchinava, principal economist at Houzz. “As the economy has improved, many homeowners who delayed spending on kitchen updates feel like they now have the means to remodel (37 percent). We should continue to see an uptick in discretionary spending on home improvements into 2015.”

Design style was the top driver for purchasing cabinets (52 percent), lighting fixtures (78 percent) and faucets (48 percent). Homeowners were sticking to the classics, with white cabinets (49 percent) in a strong lead over other finishes, such as medium wood (20 percent) and dark wood (13 percent). Gray continued to have a notable showing as a “new neutral” at 10 percent.

Styles were more varied than finishes. Although there continued to be a strong preference for Shaker (37 percent), other styles fared almost equally: raised-panel was the style choice for 22 percent of respondents, glass-front for 21 percent, flat-panel for 20 percent, and recessed panel for 15 percent.

Granite countertops were being added in 45 percent of respondents’ kitchens, followed by quartz in a close second and butcher block in a distant third.

Given the long-term relationship with kitchens, making the space compatible with family and lifestyle was key. Ease of storage (65 percent) and entertaining (46 percent) were top priorities, driving homeowners to remodel kitchens with organization features like a built-in pantry (44 percent), pull-out shelves (62 percent), deep cabinet organizers (38 percent) and built-in pet bowls (6 percent). An open-concept layout (52 percent), bar with seating (27 percent), and built-in wine storage (21 percent) made kitchens great places in which to spend time with family and friends. Other highlights included:

  • Kitchen remodels go big: When homeowners choose to undergo a kitchen remodel, the majority are going big with projects requiring substantial construction (68 percent).

  • Current spending exceeds planned budgets: Homeowners are also spending big on kitchens, and often more than they budget for their projects. More than half of homeowners budget $25,000 or less for their upcoming remodels (51 percent), yet in 2014, only 40 percent of homeowners spent less than $25,000 on remodels. Similarly, 36 percent of homeowners plan to spend between $25,000 and $75,000 on their new kitchens but 46 percent of projects fell in this range in the past year.

  • Neighborhood style: The most popular styles for new kitchens include traditional (23 percent), transitional (18 percent) and contemporary (16 percent). While just 11 percent of homeowners are choosing a farmhouse-style kitchen, this number more than doubles for those in rural neighborhoods (25 percent).

This is the second annual kitchen remodeling survey by Houzz (, an online community of 20 million people interested in home remodeling and design. It was conducted online among U.S. Houzz users in November 2014. You can download the full U.S. Houzz Kitchen Trends Study at


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Survey reports most homeowners would change everything about their kitchen cabinets

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Most homeowners would change everything about their current kitchen cabinets if they could, and would choose solid wood cabinet doors with a modern style, according to a survey by Scripps Networks (HGTV).

The Under One Roof survey, which covered 19,000 U.S. residents, included three questions on behalf of Timber Products Co., a manufacturer of hardwood plywood panels. In the survey, 29 percent said they disliked everything about their current kitchen units and would go for a total overhaul of the color, material, style and size.

Only 22 percent said they like their current cabinets and would not change a thing about them. Also, 13 percent said they would choose a new styles, while 11 percent would change colors and sizes.

The results of the survey were announced by Timber Products at the IWF exhibition. When given a choice between solid wood cabinet doors or doors with glass inserts, 60 percent of homeowners leaned toward solid wood. Twelve percent would us glass inserts and 25 percent indicated they would use a combinational of solid wood and glass.

Modern kitchen cabinets were the most popular (25 percent) for a new style, followed by contemporary (22 percent), Craftsman (18 percent), and Farmhouse (13 percent). Rustic, shabby, chic and eclectic all were desired by less than 10 percent.

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