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Furniture startup promises four-minute assembly times

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Greycork’s promise sounds almost too good to be true: Well-made furniture that is stylish, comfortable, easy-to-assemble, and cheaper than IKEA.

“I thought that the way we’ve been getting furniture is insane,” explains Greycork’s CEO John Humphrey in the startup’s fundraising video. “Driving 40 minutes out of the city, waiting in line, squeezing boxes into cars just to go home and set it up for hours.”

Judging from their wildly successful Indiegogo campaign, Humprey and his three partners Alec Babala, Bruce Kim and Jonah Willcox-Healey, seem to have hit on a collective pain point. Their business, founded on mission to provide an alternative to that all-too-familiar IKEA rite of passage, is now the most-funded furniture company on Indiegogo. They surpassed their funding goal within four days.

If you’ve ever been vexed by a hex wrench or baffled by a lost bolt, the promise of a sofa that can be assembled and disassembled in four minutes with no tools is particularly alluring.

Comfort is a priority for Greycork, too. The team recently field tested their sofa at a big goods and furniture showcase in Boston, and Humphrey tells Quartz that people seemed surprised at how “unexpectedly comfortable” the couch was. “I wish we had a video of their faces,” he laughs. In November, Greycork plans to test its furniture on some discriminating, design-savvy sofa sophisticates at the American Field event in New York City.

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New uses for Accoya

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Accoya wood used in a picnic table. <!–
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Accoya’s modified timber sees uses for a variety of woodworking applications.

Accoya wood, recently exhibited at AWFS Fair, unlike other modified wood products, is transformed to the core and enables woodworkers to machine, coat, and glue like normal wood. Accoya wood has been compared to hardwoods for its machinability, and requires no special tools for crosscutting, ripping, planing, routing, or drilling.

Here are some ways the company used its product:

Project Type: Custom replacement windows

In keeping with the state-of-the-art products being introduced in the extensive renovations to the 1964 building, Accoya wood replaced all of the embassy’s window frames. Dauphin Way United Methodist Church, Mobile, Alabama.

Project Type: Custom replacement windows

Oakleigh Custom Woodworks used Accoya in the replacement of 14 windows, each measuring 54 inches wide by 21 feet high, including 56 double panes of glass, and with 1/16-inch clearance. Oakleigh assembled each window using 35 individual, pre-made parts; each length made into subcomponents, then finger-jointed into the final window. House Extension, Heusden, Belgium

Project Type: Ceiling, walls, and floor

Architects from Ghent, Belgium, added a cubic extension to an original house, with the façades and roof featuring an identical design. Inside, the ceiling, walls, and floor of the extension, all  Press Information Accoya® and the Trimarque Device are registered trademarks owned by Titan Wood Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Accsys Technologies PLC, and may not be used or reproduced without written permission. made with Accoya wood, are joined so that they appear to flow into one another, thus emphasizing the size and scale of the cube.

“Accoya wood has been used in some of the most extreme applications, including a submerged pedestrian bridge, docks, and coastal siding, outdoor furniture and cabinetry, windows, and doors,” says Laura Ladd, head of marketing at Accsys Technologies.

For more information, visit

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Lead interior designer of Denmark Interiors talks teak

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Teak wood has long been used for its many favorable qualities, like its durability, its water-resistant nature and its opulence, according to

Denmark Interiors of Naples, Fla., imports and specializes in furniture made of teak, and Judy Cahill, a lead interior designer for the company, says that well-maintained teak furniture easily lasts hundreds of years. She says it beautifies with age and develops a golden, reddish patina. Cahill says that due to its natural teak oil, the wood is resistant to mold, mildew, swelling and distortion due to humidity and also resistant to insects such as termites.

Today, the lumber from a mature tree is valued at approximately $30,000, Cahill says. The production of teak is carefully monitored throughout Southeast Asia, where sustainable plantations have been developed to support the worldwide demand for this well-sought-after tropical hardwood.

Teak is an oily wood that keeps its natural luster without any color-enhancing stains or finishes, says Cahill. It is also smooth to the touch. Going back to the seventh century, this hardwood was used to build royal residences and temples in Thailand, where most of the world’s teak comes from.

The main European importer of teak in the 1950s was Denmark. Much of the Danish teak furniture from this period is highly prized to collectors today. Cahill says the classic beauty of handcrafted teak furniture seems to be appreciated more as time goes by.

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November 7, 2013 at 7:00 am

Use of natural wood veneer trending up

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The use of paper-backed wood veneer is up and growing, reports.

For those who know the industry, this makes sense.  In the past, plastic laminates were most often used on store fixtures and for other commercial and residential projects. But in the last twenty or so years, interior designers and architects have been adding backed natural wood veneers into their design options, according to the site.

Now you can not only use the classics such as red oak, maple, walnut and cherry veneer, but new favorites are popping up around the globe, such as African bubinga, South American rosewood, and Russian birch, just to name a few.

Many consumers now would rather have natural wood than plastic laminates, leather rather than vinyl, and so forth. Now the world is shrinking and wood veneers from all over the planet are available wherever you live and work.

Add to this the fact that wood veneer can be altered by adding different color stains or a variety of matte or glossy finishes, and you have an incredible array of choices to make each project unique and spectacular, the site reports. So it is no wonder that the use of wood veneer is up, and that the trend continues to grow as more and more people see all the alluring options available.

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May 23, 2013 at 7:00 am

Rockler expands DIY shelf block product line

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Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has just added two new sizes of shelf blocks to their I-Semble line, according to The I-Semble product line is a series of components designed to help do-it-yourselfers design and build custom furniture such as shelving, entertainment stands, desks, and coffee tables using common household tools. The new shelf block options, 6 x 8 inches and 6 x 13 inches, join the 10 x 13 inch block already offered by Rockler.

“The Shelf Blocks are already popular, and the new sizes open the door to nearly infinite options for building unique custom furniture with a personal touch,” said Steve Krohmer, Rockler’s Vice President of product development.

“People make some amazing creations with the help of these Shelf Blocks, and I’m never surprised when they tell me how fast they did it,” he said.

The I-Semble shelf blocks feature a black powercoat finish that can be painted to match décor. They are easy to assemble and are designed so that multiple sizes can be used in the same furniture piece, resulting in nearly endless options. The mounting screws to install the blocks come with the package.

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January 3, 2013 at 7:00 am

Indiana Furniture awarded FSC Chain-of-Custody Certification

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Indiana Furniture ( was awarded Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody Certification by GFA Consulting Group. 
The certification (certificate number GFA-COC-002183; license code FSC-C110951) provides a guarantee about the acquisition and use of raw wood materials in the production of FSC-certified products. FSC Chain-of-Custody Certification is an assurance that wood based materials used in Indiana Furniture products come from forests that meet stringent environmental, social and economic standards throughout all production stages including harvesting, processing, manufacturing and distribution. 
“We understand that we must not only contribute to sustainability by developing and manufacturing products with excellent environmental performance, but that we must also work to enable our customers to further minimize their own environmental impact,” said Mike Blessinger, vice president of sales and marketing. 

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May 24, 2012 at 7:00 am

Thos. Moser introduces new modern furniture line

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The Ellipse furniture line includes a five-piece wood Dining Collection.

The father and son team of Tom and David Moser worked together to design the latest furniture line from Thos. Moser: Ellipse.
This mid-century modern furniture line is ideal for compact spaces, and uses design elements like traditional joinery, exposed end grains, elliptical forms and space-efficient profiles. The Ellipse Dining Collection is the first in the line to be debuted with five pieces of furniture, including a dining chair, rectangular dining table, sideboard, square dining table and stool.
“We wanted to revisit Danish mid-century modern style and bring to bear our own intellectual interpretation on this school of design to make these pieces distinctly Moser,” says David Moser, product development manager at Thos. Moser. “Ellipse is a progression of our design impulses with simple, clean lines where the beauty of the pieces is paramount but does not sacrifice practicality. It was refreshing to collaborate with my father on this design. We hope our customers have as much pleasure using our pieces as we did creating them.”
Ellipse is available online and in the company’s showrooms nationwide, beginning in early October 2011.


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